Diamond Dogs Are Your New Best Friend

Written By: Krypto Keaton

As I am on the cusp of delivering a collection of Canine Pixel inspired NFTs to the world, I would be remiss to not take a second and look at how my journey in the world of artistic endeavor has changed so much yet stay familiar.

Art has been a core aspect to most of my life. I can remember back to my third grade, sitting in the yard drawing comic book characters. Sitting there drawing while other children played, I would often be visited by friends to see how I was progressing with my latest rendition of Wolverine or Batman. I would tend to sway from DC to Marvel fandom over my younger years. As I grew, my passion for the arts took on many avenues through both musical & artistic drawing & sculpture.

My highschool years were very busy, as I shuffled from band through toward 3D art, photography and other core classes. However, a majority of all the formative time was spent with my 3D art teacher, let’s call him Mr. Superman. He taught me that we all have passion for art within us, no matter the form it manifests as. I learned so much from my Super Teacher through those years in both life and personal reflection. His classroom was my personal Fortress of Solitude that I was able to practice and hone different skills which I call on even to this day.

Fast forward nearly twenty years or so & it feels like a lifetime ago that my cares were few while my aspirations were great. The hustle of life, work, and fatherhood have become a monotonous journey. During this project I have found myself again in my pixel canine friends. One of my project teammates at Black Diamond asked me, “If you could pick a dog to mint, which one would it be?” I sat and pondered for a bit, ultimately responding, “All of them, but none of them. My joy doesn’t come from holding my art. It comes from sharing and seeing the joy others receive from it.”

With my shortened life history out of the way & self reflection documented, I want to talk about why certain breeds were chosen and why I chose to pursue a different approach then what has been done with CryptoPunks or PudgyPenguins.

The breeds selected were actually chosen mainly from a poll in our Black Diamond community which asked each investors favorite dog breed. I added popular options including Pit Bull, Lab, and German Shepherd, while others came from our community. I spent several weeks toiling over drawing “just dog heads” in different angles, poses, facial expressions etc.

However, I grew dissatisfied with the bodiless dogs & I pivoted to redraw all of the pups again. We settled on 9 breeds with a multitude of different accessories that range from cigars to beer hats, weed pipes, gold chains, diamonds & of course a good ol’ sombrero.

Since all the dogs needed a rarity we again ranked them with the help of our community. All the accessories and colored backgrounds then had to be ranked. After all the art was done & with everything categorized the work on permutations began. Our initial calculations brought 170k different permutations among all the breeds and options available.

We decided then to go a route of cutting down the total minting by using a Generation system, starting with Gen0 and building on top from there. Each Gen0 will be able to breed & produce a Gen1 and so on. The genome built on the pups will dictate all potential additional variations that can be bred from each Generation up to Gen5 which will be a grand total of 50k dogs within the metaverse that we are building.

The DiamondDogs will not only be able to breed since we are gamifying them into a dog competition & adventure type game we have in development. All aspects of the breed and gaming will use our core token $DIAMONDS to fund the activities. This was a decision made to allow the longevity of the DiamondDogs as well bring an additional utility to them and our Black Diamond project.

I am excited to finally be able to release these little pups to others and see the growth and enjoyment they will bring into our community.



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